The Power of Vision Boards!


For as long as I can remember, I’ve believed in the power of visualization and the importance of maintaining clear, constant focus on my dreams.  While the concept of visualization was new to me at 22, we were mentored by people who professed  how imperative it was to have dreams and visualize those dreams, as if doing so would guarantee their achievement.  So, in the naivity of 22 (not that you’re aware of it at that time) I tried it, cutting out a picture or two of my dream house, dream kitchen, dream vacation, etc, and taping those to my refrigerator.  In lieu of a fridge door filled with homework assignments and schedules, my children grew up with a fridge door filled with pictures of what seemed like mansions to us at the time, lavish cars (those were my husband’s), exotic vacation spots, a lonely hammock on some seemingly deserted beach somewhere representing time to relax, and so on. Those pictures covered our fridge for years, to a point where we almost didn’t notice them anymore,  or didn’t we?  A good 10 or 11 years later, we moved to our current home and one of my aunts came in for the first time and froze when she entered our kitchen, saying “This looks exactly like the kitchen you had on your fridge all those years”. I hadn’t noticed, but she was right.  Not only that, but the entrance of our home looked very similar to the 4-column colonial-style home, who’s picture was taped to our fridge for all those years, except with a Florida twist.  From that moment on, I never doubted the importance of remaining focused on your dreams.  They may change, evolve, improve, whatever the case may be, however, they remain your dreams and only you can dream them the way you dream them and give them the meaning that they have to you.  My children find it normal to dream and know that they can, will and have achieved their dreams, in whatever order it is meant for them.

This Vision Board has been hanging in my bathroom for nearly 7 years now, like a loyal, trusted friend holding my aspirations and my ‘somedays’.  It has served me well and as expected, God has delivered!!!